Inexpensive Ways to Teach Your Children Holiday Spirit

The Holidays are a special time of the year for young and old alike.  Many people feel stressed around the Holidays due to family commitments and the hustle and bustle of preparing for the holidays.  It doesn't take a lot of money to share the holiday spirit with your children, just a little time. After all, Holiday Spirit is about showing the ones you love and care for how important they are. Here are some great inexpensive ways to show holiday spirit with your children.

  • Bake cookies and let your kids decorate them anyway they want.
  • Have your children shovel snow from the driveway of someone unable to get out of the house.
  • Bake cookies or cranberry nut bread and wrap as gifts for neighbors and coworkers.
  • Put on a classic Holiday Music CD and decorate your home with Holiday Decorations.
  • Go Christmas Caroling.
  • Volunteer at a Homeless Shelter or help out at a Food Bank.
  • Get everybody in the car, put a Christmas CD on and go look at Christmas Lights.
  • Place whole cloves in the skin of fresh whole oranges, wrap in ribbon, and hang from the chandelier for a wonderful holiday scent!
  • Help your child make holiday cards for friends and family.
  • Join a Cookie Trading Group.
  • Take your Family to Synagogue, Mosque, or Church.
  • Have your children make a Holiday Decoration and decorate your home or gift to a friend.
  • Join a gift Grab Bag.
  • Start a Holiday Tradition.
  • Have your children make a gift for someone this Holiday Season instead of buying one.
  • Make a Snowman.
  • Go Sled Riding with your kids.
  • Throw some wood on the fire and spend some time with your kids working on a jig saw puzzle.

As you can see most of these ideas cost little to nothing but will build memories for a lifetime.  The Holidays are not about the material gifts we receive but the close relationships with friends and family.

What are your favorite ways to share the holiday spirit?

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