Investing 101: How to Find a Robust Trading Platform

robust trading platformThe capital markets have been turned on their head following the recent movement in the central bank arena. Volatility has perked up generating increasing interest in finding a platform that will provide traders will consistent execution, as well as, robust analysis which covers the markets. Retail investors today have the ability to trade from the comfort of their home as well as trading on a tablet or smart phone at the local café or on the beach.   The phenomenon of trading on the go has been estimated to be as large as fifteen to twenty percent of all retail orders.  The best retail stock trading platforms allow the trader to customize everything from their trading experience, portfolio analysis and understanding your gains and losses.   

The best trading platforms allow you place trades through their mobile devices.  It is remarkable how far technology has come since the days of the beginner cell phone.  With today’s smart phones and other mobile devices investors can use their device to place trades from anywhere in the world.  When utilizing a brokers on-line trading platform they should be aware that there can be breaches in security when trades are placed.   

When looking for the best trading platform and the broker offering this platform you should realize that the trading along with the investing style is different for each trader.  If you do an apple to apples comparison, you will not end up with the right broker for your needs.  For example, traders can be broken into several categories including; high frequency, value investing, long term investing, or novice traders.  One of the mobile trading platforms that has benefitted from the massive interest from investment throughout the world is  The applications this platform provides utilizes fundamental as well as technical tools.  The trader has the option of; reviewing breaking market news, following political events throughout the world, looking at charts and graphs, trading their portfolios, monitoring the overall markets along with tracking price action within the markets.

A capital markets trader does not want to start to build a relationship with a broker to find out that they are not strong in the trading area which they are looking for.  One of the best ways to determine if a broker is right for you is to read reviews and see what other’s experiences are.  In many cases you can follow the real-time news and analysis as with, and determine if this helps you with your high frequency trading.

One of the most important elements when working with an on-line equity broker is its customer service support.  There are numerous elements associated to the brokers support services.  Certain brokers will offer strategies and insight that will give you an edge. In addition, you should have the ability to communicate with the broker in several fashions including e-mail, telephone, fax or chat. 

In closing, your broker will be very pertinent to your trading success. The industry has exploded over the last several years, providing traders with many tools including mobile platforms that allow you to trade on the go.  Having the capability to execute trades and receive real-team news and analysis is a key element to your trading success.  Traders should do their due diligence when looking for the right broker which can match their trading style. 


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