iolo System Mechanic: Boost PC Performance Quickly

iolo System Mechanic® is an easy to use and quick method to cleanup unnecessary files and speed up a tired computer.

The software is free to download and try. It starts with an initial scan of your PC to identify any potential issues such as internet junk files or registry errors. You have the option of a Quick Scan or a Deep Scan, I opted for the Quick Scan to see if the software could help my painfully slow laptop. You'll be prompted for an email address, this is so iolo can send you the activation code only and they won't share your email with third parties.

The Quick Scan was just that, Quick! The initial scan found over 7900 issues that were affecting the performance of my laptop. Wow! I new my old laptop was in pretty bad shape but I had no idea it was that bad! Below is the result of the initial scan.

After repairing the issues identified in the Quick Scan, I chose to run the Deep Scan since there were obviously some potentially serious issues identified in the first scan. Below is the result of the Deep Scan:

Options to Clean, Speed Up, & Protect Your PC

There are several options to clean your PC. The PC Cleanup tool cleans many types of junk files while the Registry Cleanup tool defrags, compacts, and optimizes the system registry. And lastly, the Internet Cleanup tool wipes internet and chat history as well as clearing clutter and cache.

There are other options like Program Accelerator®that can speed up program launches and responsiveness, NetBooster® , which speeds up internet, streaming, downloads, and games, Startup Optimizer , which does exactly as advertised by optimizing which programs run at startup so bloatware doesn’t drain your system, and Memory Mechanic® , which frees RAM trapped by idle apps.

Finally there are security options like Security Optimizer that finds and plugs Windows security vulnerabilities with the latest patches, Incinerator®, which safely and permanently deletes unwanted sensitive files, and Privacy Shield, which lets you turn off Windows 10 personal data collection services.

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I opted to run Memory Mechanic and Startup Optimizer since I only have 4 GB RAM on this laptop and want to maximize the performance of the memory. After running the Memory Mechanic tool, I was able to recover an additional 410 MB of RAM which should give a small performance boost.

The Startup Optimizer identified a Windows Update Program that was slowing down startup so I elected to delay this program until after startup has finished.

Overall Impression

My overall impression of System Mechanic is that it is a robust collection of tools at a very reasonable price that does exactly what it says it will. I was skeptical that I would see much improvement in the performance of my old laptop but I was pleasantly surprised. Granted, this laptop will always be on the slow side because of the limited amount of RAM but the performance was drastically improved after running a Deep Scan and following the recommendations of the System Mechanic software.

iolo System Mechanic® - Fix, Speed Up Your PC

What I liked best about System Mechanic is how easy the software is to use. The biggest issue you will face is deciding between the standard version or the Pro version.

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