Knowing the Best Time to Buy Can Save You Big Money

best time to buy Knowing the best time to buy is often tied to when retailers are making room for new product models or around seasonal shopping holidays. Use the month by month guide below to see when the most popular consumer products are on sale. In addition, here are some shopping tips and strategies that can help save you big money:


Shop at the End of the Month or Quarter – Salespeople are often compensated for monthly  and quarterly performance so may be motivated to make a deal to boost their sales numbers.


Be Willing to Walk – If your salesperson knows that you are not desperate to make an immediate purchase and are willing to walk away, they may feel compelled to make you a decent deal in order to make the sale. Take a lesson from the best poker players and learn how to bluff! Next time you are negotiating price on a major purchase try it. Get up and thank your salesperson for their time, tell them you are looking for a better deal than the one they have offered, and leave. They may counter on the spot so be prepared with  a response.


Bring Price Comparison Info With You – Doing your homework before making a major purchase can save you big money and make the whole negotiating process much easier. Using an app like Red Laser allows you to scan product barcodes in-store and see what other local retail stores and online prices are in your area.  Many retailers will honor these prices however, some retailers like Wal-Mart do not.


Look at Prior Year Models – Retailers often offer discounts on older models items in order to make room for newer inventory. Your salesperson may not offer a discount so it is often up to you the buyer to ask.  While you are asking for discounts, why not ask if there are any scratch and dent or floor models available?


Best Time to Buy

The best time to buy digital cameras and computers is March and April.  The best time to buy a mattress is February, May and October. The best time to buy indoor furniture is February. and if it's carpet you are looking for the best time to buy is April.




TVs, Winter Clothing, Winter Sports Gear, Bathroom Scales, Bed Sheets & Linens, Gym Memberships, Exercise Equipment, Toys



Mattresses, Winter Coats, Winter Sports Gear, Humidifiers, Indoor Furniture, President's Day Sales



Digital Cameras, Exercise Equipment, Chocolate, Humidifiers



Digital Cameras, Desktop Computers, Laptop Computers, Carpet



Laptop Computers, Desktop Computers, Mattresses, Baby Products, Interior Paint, Outdoor DIY Home Improvement Products, Memorial Day Sales



Indoor Furniture, Exercise Equipment, Summer Sporting Gear, Digital Video Gear



Summer Clothing, Back to School Supplies, Backpacks, Digital Video Gear, Interior Paint, Outdoor DIY Home Improvement Products, Swimwear, Outdoor Furniture, 4th of July Sales



Gas Grills, Back to School Supplies, Backpacks, Dehumidifiers, Interior and Exterior Paint, Air Conditioners, Snowblowers, Summer Clothing, Exterior and Interior Paint



Lawn mowers and tractors, Exterior and Interior Paint, Snowblowers, Computers, Printers, Carpet, Perennials, Trees and Shrubs, Digital Cameras, Labor Day Sales



Digital Cameras, Laptop Computers, Desktop Computers, Mattresses, Lawnmowers and Tractors



Major Appliances, Kitchen Cookware, Clothing and Handbags, Kids Toys, Tablet Computers, Small Consumer Electronics and Accessories, Small Kitchen Appliances, TVs, Online Streaming Media Services, Thanksgiving Day Sales, Black Friday Sales



Kids Toys, Tablet Computers, Major Appliances, Clothing and Handbags, Small Consumer Electronics, TVs, Holiday Sales

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