Manage Your Money Like You Manage Your Weight

Have you ever thought about how similar money management and weight loss are? The overlap is almost uncanny because both goals require planning, self-awareness, and enough self-control to stay on task and resist temptation. These same abilities translate well to career success and many other goals, as well. If you've cultivated success in one area of life, you can build on what you've learned to bring that same success to other areas.

Set a Goal

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Achieving success means taking control of your actions and directing them toward a goal. Most people like to set specific savings goals or define a target weight, but goal-setting doesn't need to be all about the numbers. Maybe your financial goal is to afford a particular lifestyle, and your weight loss goal is about the look you want or the activities you want to be able to enjoy. You can define your goal any way you like, as long as it's specific, measurable, and inspirational enough to motivate you.

Make a Plan

How will you achieve your goal? According to the experts at Lifesum, calorie counting is vital for weight loss. You need a plan that maximizes the calories you burn and minimizes the calories you eat, while still being realistic and comfortable so you can follow it each day. In finance, the plan is a budget that measures your revenue and expenses. The more you can trim your expenses and increase your revenue, the faster you'll reach your financial goal. Again, your plan needs to be realistic in order to be achievable.

Stick to the Plan

This is the hardest part, and it's where you'll need to be patient with your own mistakes as you slowly develop your self-discipline. Each mistake, whether it's overspending on restaurants or having a second doughnut at the office, is an opportunity to learn more about yourself. Whether it's a diet slipup or a budget snafu, the reasons you self-sabotage are probably similar.

Are you more likely to tell yourself you deserve indulgences when you want to celebrate success or when you are feeling sad or stressed? Do you give yourself wiggle room by promising to be extra diligent tomorrow but quickly forget your promise? Do you have a hard time sticking to your guns in the face of peer pressure?

Approach your mistakes with a sense of curiosity instead of judgment so you can learn how to self-manage. Once you know what emotions and situations trip you up, make a plan for dealing with them differently next time.

Financial and weight management both require you to set a goal, make a plan, and then do the work of learning how to manage your daily behavior to stay focused. Putting your long-term goals ahead of your desire for immediate gratification is hard. Learning which situations cause problems for you and how to stop sabotaging yourself will help you attain more than one goal. Self-mastery is the skill that brings all your dreams within reach.

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