Tips for Managing Your Forex Trades Like a Pro Trader

managing your forex trades

Every trader wants to become successful in the Forex trading business. You might have extensive knowledge about this trading industry but without having proper control over the trades, you are most likely to lose money. The experienced traders often consider trade management skills as the most important part of the trading business. If you want to survive and make a living out of trading, you must trade the market with proper logic. Stop trading the market with following other people system. It’s true you can find some experienced UK traders selling signal but this is not a permanent solution. Try to learn the art of trading so that you don’t have to depend on the others. Let’s learn the proper way to manage your risk exposure in the Forex market.

Always use stop loss

The rookie traders in the United Kingdom often forget to use the stop loss. They simply take unnecessary risk with a hope to earn huge amount of money. On the contrary, the pro traders always take the managed risk. Before you execute any trade, they analyze the potential stop loss for the trade and scale their lot size. No matter how well the trade setup is, they never risk more than 2% of their investment. Things might be a little bit complex at the initial stage, but if you consider long term goals, it won’t take much time to develop your trading skills.

Stop over trading the market

Overtrading is a serious mistake in the Forex market. You can’t make any profit by trading CFDs if you overtrade the market. Instead of looking for random trades, try to analyze the daily and weekly time frame. Develop a balanced trading strategy using the demo account offered by Saxo. Unless you can control your greed to trade the market, you should never trade the market with real money. So how do you know the perfect time to start trading with real money? The answer lies within your demo trading performance. If you manage to demo trade the market with an extreme level of precision for six consecutive months, start trading the real market with managed risk.

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Try to ride the trend

Riding the market trend is one of the most effective ways to make money in the online trading industry. You might think the counter-trend trading strategy is the most profitable way to make money but this is wrong. Try to learn to use the Fibonacci retracement tools so that you can easily execute trades with a minor retracement of the market. Once you master the art of trend trading strategy, you can easily maximize your profit by using the trailing stop loss features. Try to think like the smart traders so that you can manage your trade in an effective way. Forget about emotions and aggression. Analyze the market variables and trade with proper logic.

Stop trading the tops and bottoms

Managing your Forex trade is not all easy. Some of the novice traders often prefer to trade the tops and bottoms of the currency pairs. They simply think this is the best way to catch the large market movements. If you do the proper analysis, you will never find any professional traders trading the tops and bottoms. But does this mean you will never trade the major market reversal? The simple answer is no. You need a different trading strategy to trade such market reversal. The experienced traders often use the most prominent chart patterns to trade such reversals.


Learning to manage your Forex trade is not all hard. If you follow the above-mentioned tips, we can easily make a consistent profit. Always trade the market with strong confidence. Forget about the short term gains or Holy Grails of this market. Try to educate yourself properly so that you can manage the losing orders efficiently. Always try to trade with high-risk reward ratio so that you can cover the loss.

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