Motoring Money Saving Tips to Cut Tyre Care Costs in Birmingham

motoring money saving tips

Have you ever come across the phrase: A little goes a long way? That applies to your tyre care regime. We all have busy lives and coping up with daily pressures becomes really challenging. But in the midst of everything if you manage to pay a little extra attention to your wheels – you can save yourself from expensive car repair bills and the most fascinating thing that will happen to you is, your tyres life will extend. For better explanation of this, let’s stick to the example of a busy area like Birmingham. Picture yourself being stranded on a busy street with a flat tyre – especially when you have to reach on time for something. These tips below will help you be ready for a situation like this and you can be safe on the road:

·        Invest in good tyres

The number one pro tip is that you need to invest in good tyres – which might appear like a bad idea at first because good quality tyres will cost more as compared to second hand ones. But brand new tyres will serve you better as the depreciation will be slow.

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·        Buy tyres according to your needs

If you commute more in winters, then it is a good idea to opt special tyres (winter tyres) They will equip you with better road grip and the special material used in them will keep you safe.

·        Keep an eye on any mis-alignments

Make your tyres undergo alignment from time to time. Misaligned tyres will negatively effect your tyres capability to perform and even cause the steering to lose its control.

·        Always find a good tyre fitter

A properly fitted tyre is going to boost your tyre performance to a great extent. There are many local tyre providers who also offer fitting and you can check with them. Sticking to our example in this article, one recommendation to get your new tyres fitted in Birmingham can be at Point S.

·        Tread depth

Tyre tread depth has to be monitored at all times so you are sure of your tyre health. If you can’t inspect tread depth, then you can consult a professional for their opinion and be sure.

·        Notice signs of wear & tear

Just by checking the surface you can find out if there are any cuts on the tyre surface. If that is the case, it is a signal that you should change your tyres as soon as possible because continuous use will tarnish your tyre quality more.

·        Keep an eye on fuel efficiency

If you observe that your vehicle is not fuel efficient, one factor for this could be bad tyres. If tyres are not in good condition they put a strain on the vehicle and then the car has to burn more fuel.

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