New Home Necessities – What You’ll Need When Moving to a New City

new home necessitiesWhether you are moving cities for a fresh start or your partner has a job offer too good to refuse, moving interstate can be a huge upheaval. This stress can be magnified if you have school aged children who need to be uprooted from the security of their friends, school and environment.

Chances are, if you are reading this, you have found yourself in the situation where you are moving to unknown territory. Whether you are relocating for a few months or permanently, establishing yourself in a new city can be costly. Things which need to be factored into your budget may be:

  • Vehicle
  • Accommodation
  • Moving van
  • Furniture
  • Utility connections


Getting around

One of the first pressing issues will be arranging a vehicle to get you from A to B enabling you to sort out the rest of your plans. Transporting a car is not cheap, especially if your move is temporary. The return journey by train of a single car can cost thousands of dollars.

A more economically viable solution can be to simply buy a new car at your destination. Look for car loan providers, such as Latitude Finance who offer cheap, flexible car loans, where you can adapt the repayment schedule to suit your circumstances.

If the move is only temporary you can rent out or lend your existing car to friends and sell the new one when it is time to return home.


Building a life

Check out sites such as or or if you are single, sites such as Gumtree for share accommodation. If possible arrange to visit your new city for a few days, on a scouting mission. Book a series of appointments with agents to inspect likely properties based on a checklist of your needs.

Take note of:

  • Proximity to work, school, shops, public transport and eateries
  • Crime rate
  • Online reviews
  • Average cost of accommodation
  • Medical facilities


Check out the neighbours. If you are moving to a city where you don’t know anyone, there is every chance that these people could be your new best friends!

Numerous online websites are available which offer insights and testimonials on suburbs around Australia. These can be invaluable in identifying family friendly amenities, nightlife options or a myriad of other positives and negatives.


Take it or leave it

Again if your move is temporary you may decide to place your current furniture in storage. Weigh up the cost of storage against the time you will be away and the cost of replacing it.

Sites such as Gumtree and Ebay allow you to pick up affordable local furniture by having the capacity to refine your search down by location. Alternatively, many landlords offer fully furnished rentals for a slightly higher cost than unfurnished ones – the ideal scenario as an interim solution until you can get yourself established.


Packing up and moving on

Before taking any steps to pack your belongings – hone them down to only the most vital pieces and give away or store other items. The cost of transportation per square metre doesn’t add up unless the goods are of monetary or sentimental value.

Do a Google search with the words ‘moving house backloading interstate’ and you will find a wide range of businesses who offer the facility to utilise spare, unused space in their interstate fleet. This makes economic sense for them and provides an affordable way to transport your boxes and furniture between cities.

Moving to a new city can be one of the biggest adventures of your life. Meeting new people, gaining experience and treasured memories. It can take a leap of faith but can be the most rewarding decision you will ever make.

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