How to Save Money on College Textbooks

Textbook Prices Continue to Rise

Financing College is a challenge that requires planning and many years of saving.  Buying textbooks at the College Bookstore can be very expensive and by using websites that specialize in textbooks, it can pay to buy your textbooks online.

Buy or Rent Textbooks Online for Savings

I decided to test out several online textbook search websites to see which site offered the best deal.  I chose a widely popular Intermediate Accounting text by Donald E. Kieso, new student edition $244.95 retail price, and went shopping.

 Online Textbook Shopping Experience

A great way to save money is to compare textbooks online.  Below are the top sites for comparing textbook prices. Bigwords is a site that aggregates prices from other textbook websites.  Price was $190.70 new. CheapestTextbooks is also a site that aggregates prices for textbooks.  Price was $163.30 new, $94.48 120 day rental. is a website where you can buy and sell discounted textbooks.  Price was $243.20 new, $142.20 ebook rental 360 days, $111.72 semester rental. is one of the largest online stores that offer their own products and connect buyers and sellers.  Price was $182.44 new. is another site that aggregates prices for textbooks from other sites.  Price was $177.99 new.

Barnes& Barnes& is one of the larger online bookstores.  Price was $190.70 new, $126.34 ebook rental 130 days had the best price for a new textbook at $163.30 and also had the best rental price of $94.48 for 120 days, and Barnes & Noble had the best ebook rental price of $126.34 for 360 days.  By far the best way to save money on textbook costs is to rent.


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