Best Saving Money Tips of the Week: Super Bowl Edition

Each week I highlight the best articles of the week and this week I discovered some great articles on the topic of saving money.

Frugal Toad Saving Money Tip – Automate your Savings: After creating a budget, setup a monthly transfer to a savings account or investment account.  By automating your savings, you are likely to save more and reach your savings goals.  Start small at first, say $25 per month and gradually increase your monthly savings goal.  Before you know it you will be saving thousands of dollars a year.

Best Saving Money Reads of the Week

Bucksome Boomer asks Are You Leaving Money on the Table?

The Debt Myth takes on another myth about debt:   “Good Debt” vs “Bad Debt”

Money Q & A discusses the best ways for College Students to save money in Three Top Money Tips for College Freshmen

Thirty Six Months has some great advice on saving money by automating your finances: Using Online Tools to Pay Bills and Save Money

Smart Money Hacks shares tips on how to save money and time: 4 Coupon Mom Time Savers

Newlyweds on a Budget brings up the subject of having fun on a budget: Traveling vs Saving

Jai Catalano Photography – it is possible to getaway with the Family without spending a lot of money: Family Weekend Breaks – How to Dream Again

Financial Samurai has written another great post about, you guessed it, Retirement: How to Save More for Retirement if You Don't Make Much Money 

The Simple Dollar offers a must read about saving money: Buy the Cheap Gas

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