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There are many interesting ways how to save or invest your money, but what about earning more? It’s hard to figure this out, especially if you’re working full time – then the only possible way to get more money seems to be the promotion at work. Which is often hard to get.

But what if we told you that there are plenty of interesting ways to earn some extra money online? The best thing about it is that you won't even have to leave home when you’re doing additional work. And who knows – one day it might become a huge business if you keep working on it and promoting it enough.

Start an E-Shop

The fastest way to start an e-store with no investments is by using print on demand business. One of the most popular forms of this business is to sell t-shirt designs that can be done through – a platform that will make your business so much easier. Printify will take care of your stock, printing, and shipping. This way, you won’t need to invest big amounts of money and will be able to focus on the designs of your t-shirts and advertising your new business.


It’s no surprise that people always value the knowledge of languages. The more you know, the more valued employee you become. To start as an online translator, you should create a website where your potential customers could find the information about your competences, certificates, pricing information, and contacts. For contacts, you might want to have an actual form instead of just posting your email. This way, your clients will be able to place orders for translation at any time of day. This can be done by a CaptainForm wordpress form plugin – here you’ll find even more forms that you can use for your website.

Remote IT Specialist

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IT is everywhere today, therefore IT specialists are very valued and needed. Unfortunately, as perfect technology might seem, it tends to break time after time. Business owners experience so many different problems regarding the IT sector. It could be the software on the work computers that a huge team uses, it could be a server problem or a crashing website – it’s hard to name all of the possible errors that could occur. But this is a great business idea for you. By becoming a remote IT specialist, you can find a few clients and be the one who takes care of their problems. This will ensure a steady additional income.

Become a Graphic Designer

Graphic design is a very valued profession in our today's digital world. We see it everywhere – it’s used to make posters, billboards, Facebook posts, websites, logos, stickers, and so much more. If you wish, you can become a specialized graphic designer that only works with logos or with prints – this way you’ll become a better specialist in a very specific field. If you choose to be a logo designer, don't forget to participate in the logo contest at first – this way it will be easier for you to create a portfolio, get noticed, and earn some quick money.

Become a Web Developer

A website is necessary for any type of business – there’s no doubt about that. Therefore a web developer who can create a functional and efficient website regarding the client's specific needs is very much needed. For someone, who already has some coding skills, pursuing this path is simply perfect. Today you could earn some extra money and after some time you can even create your own company that develops the best websites. To promote yourself better, it would be great if you created a website with your portfolio and contact information.

SEO Consulting

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A website is crucially important for any kind of business. But what is the use out of a website, that cannot be found on Google? As they say – if you’re not on Google, then you’re nowhere at all. Some business owners tend to think that it’s enough to launch a Google Advertising campaign and add a few keywords to gain a big reach. But that’s just not right. There are many crucial mistakes that you could make if you don’t have the knowledge to plan your SEO. By trying to create the campaign yourself, by using some keywords that are not perfectly compliant to the content on your website, you can even lower your trust rate on Google.


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