How to Start Your Own Freelance Business

start your own freelance businessIf you are an aspiring entrepreneur, nothing should stop you from fulfilling your dream. The problem that you may be facing, just like many other people, is the dilemma of where to start. Well, why not start with a freelance business? This may sound like something that is hard to do but it simply means selling your skills to people who need them.

You must have a skill that you are good at whether you learned it in school or you are just something that you are talented and passionate about. So, how do you go about starting this kind of business?

  1.      Identify which skills to sell

It is possible that you are currently working or have worked before and this means that you can provide a service that people can pay for. Starting a freelance business does not mean that you should quit your current full time job immediately. You may want to do them side by side until you are able to sustain yourself with your business alone.

If you are an administrator then why not sell your organizational skills? Other skills include writing, accounting, software development, paralegal, tutor, personal training and graphic design among many others.

  1.      Come up with good pricing for your skill

A good business is the one that generates profit and you should come up with a good pricing structure that will ensure the growth of your freelance business. So, what is the average charges for the service that you intend to offer? This is definitely not the same as the one that your company is paying you for right now.

Actually, it is the one that they charge other people when you offer the service to them. After identifying your skills and assigning appropriate price, it is now time to move to the last and more challenging step.

  1.      Find your clients

In freelance business, you clients are not restricted to a particular place or office building. This actually means that they are everywhere and all you need to do is to find and form partnerships with them. So, how should you go about getting these clients?

Every freelance business has a starting audience of zero and it is only by doing things right in a consistent manner that you will get to grow it into thousands and even more. Luckily, there are other people and businesses with a pre-existing audience and you will need to find this audience and get them to know about you and what you have to offer. For this, you will need to start with your local chamber of commerce, BNI or other places like Massachusetts secretary of state business search   to find information on corporations, business entities and so on in order to attend their events or join their networks.

After you attend those events and gone away with a stack of business cards, try to keep in touch as much as possible by creating relevancy and giving them something of value in terms of advice and so on.  Establish yourself as a thought leader in your space and tell them about the services that you can offer to them.

When that gets done, you need to ensure that you deliver value constantly and consistently to your audience and that cannot happen without a proper schedule of your time. This is why you will need to use tools that include time tracking software like Clockspot, invoicing software, marketing automation software and others to help you automate tasks, increase your professionalism and eventually make good profits.

Starting your freelance business is taking a step towards financial freedom. It is about getting what you deserve from that hard earned skill that you now possess.

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