Struggling for Money? Here are 9 Ways to Make Financial Ends Meet

make financial ends meet

The struggle for money can be very stressful, especially with the unending financial needs that always demand satisfaction. You may be forced to compromise other necessities when trying to satisfy some of the pressing needs. In such situations, stress and depressions could be inevitable. And these can only get worse, and the results might do you more damage. Good news is, there are effective ways on how you can make financial ends meet. The question is, are you ready to learn of these ways and bring an end to your stressful struggles? If yes, please read on.

1.     Create a Budget

Budgeting may seem to be a time-consuming and quite challenging process, especially when it comes to ensuring you’ve included all of your spending. However, it’s importance surpasses all these challenges by far. Based on the amount of money that you’re bringing home each month, budgeting will help to guide your spending decisions throughout that month. However, emergencies may occur within this period or maybe your emergency savings could be too little to satisfy all your needs. Fortunately, there are several things that you can do to improve your financial situation. Read on…

2.     Have a Plan On How You’ll Clear Your Debts

The struggle for money could become more challenging if you’re living in a debt vacuum and are in no good position of settling them as per the terms. Unfortunately, interests could be racking up as time goes by. You need to accept the situation and start working towards addressing it. You should approach your creditors to discuss your situation and, probably agree on a payment plan that will enable you to pay and comfortably take care of top needs.   

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3.     Track Your Spending

Perhaps you can relate to the different times you find yourself overspending your budget, probably without knowing. How can this be possible? Well, the small purchases you tend to make more often can add up very fast. This calls for the need to track your spending for you to stay within your budget. Ensure to keep all your receipts and have somewhere where you can write your purchases for a certain period of time. This will help you discover the areas you could be overspending unaware and hence take a probable action.

4.     Save As Much As Possible

Financial emergencies may be unpredictable, especially when it comes to family & health issues. Taking care of such emergencies may create a big dent in your finances and force you to compromise even on the daily necessities. However, having an active savings account where you deposit a significant amount regularly could come in handy whenever you’re hit by a financial disaster. Budgeting can help you determine the relevant amount you can channel to your saving platform after solving the somehow pressing needs.

5.     Diversify

Having more than one streams of income can be very vital to meeting your financial needs. You can invest in different businesses such as events, retreats, books, affiliate programs, network marketing, the stock market and real estate. This diversification will help you stay in alignment with your goals and to have supplemental income streams to take care of some of your projects and different needs. 

6.     Embrace Bulk Purchasing

In most instances, you’re bound to spend far much more when you do several small purchases of some items as compared to when you do bulk purchasing. Bulk purchasing can come with a number of amazing benefits. You’ll be able to enjoy discounts and coupons which will enable you to spend a relatively smaller amount for the same amount of goods. Besides, bulk purchasing will save you on the transportation costs by spending only once in a significant period of time. It will also encourage you to eat at home more often rather than eating out.   

7.     Downsize & Cut Spending

You could be having a vehicle that relatively consumes more fuel. Or you could be living in a significantly bigger apartment. Downsizing to a smaller and cheaper apartment and a vehicle that is much easier on fuel can be the best decision to manage your finances when struggling to make ends meet. Downsizing your spending is never a bad idea. Start with looking at ways to reduce spending in the areas of housing, food, and transportation since these are typically the largest items in your budget. Perhaps look into a zero cost mortgage refinance or keep your car for several more years. Healthcare expenses are another budget busting item that takes an ever increasing portion of the budget each year. Eating a healthy diet and being proactive in your health management is key to minimizing unnecessary doctor visits and surgeries. For example, by looking into minimally invasive bunion surgery, it is possible to minimize the overall cost and long-term impact to your health by avoiding more traditional forms of treatment. You should also look for other possible ways you can downsize and save more money to settle some of the pressing needs.

8.     Sell What You No Longer Need

If you were to conduct an inventory today of the items in your business or home, you won’t miss finding one or two items that you hardly need or use. These items could fetch you a great deal of money that you can use to satisfy some of your needs. It could be an old machine that has been taking up space which could be used to install some essential item or project. Selling the items that you no longer need will enable you to cut on your storage expenses and monthly bills. This way, you’ll be in a better position of making financial ends meet. Sounds great, right?

9.     Limit Your Credit Card Buying

If you’re a bad spender, credit cards can be your worst enemy. You’ll often be looking for your credit card every time you run out of cash. And this can become very challenging when it comes to paying your card balances. Therefore, learn to discipline yourself not to use your credit card to buy what you can hardly afford and, perhaps, what you don’t really need. You can have a shopping list prior to going out to shop and only buy what you’d planned when making the list. Ensure that the list contains only the items you need.


If you were almost giving in to your struggle to make financial ends meet or had already given in, this piece is a good proof that there’s light at the end of the tunnel. There are many ways to restore financial stability and, perhaps, lost happiness due to the struggle to make financial ends meet. You may also look out for other relevant blogs to learn more about different ways you can manage your personal finance and attain financial stability. Good luck as you walk towards your breakthrough!

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