Ten Quick Ways to Save Money on School Supplies

save money on school suppliesWhether you’re buying for yourself or for your kids, it’s no secret that school supplies often end up costing a small fortune. It’s a necessary expense, but one that doesn’t need to be as expensive as you may thing. If you want to save money on the things you would normally buy, all you need to do is follow our ten quick tips for buying school supplies at way lower prices.

  1. Buy in Bulk. This is a great piece of advice, as buying in bulk often saves you in excess of 60% when compared to buying a single item. You can buy boxes of pencils that will last a few years or even split the supplies between family members or friends.
  1. Hit the Sales First. When the back to school sales land, you need to be the first one there, and they usually start before payday. With a get paid early app, you can receive your wages two days early – giving you first dibs and allowing you to get organized faster. If you’re a coupon collector, make sure to get to the stores as soon as possible, as the products may sell out quickly or the coupon may have a quick expiration date.
  1. Only Buy What You Need. A flashy new notebook always looks really nice, right? The only problem is that you already have several at home that are empty and haven’t been used yet. Don’t buy new school supplies for the sake of it – make sure you’re only picking up the things that you really need.
  1. Don’t Replace Things That Still Work. Similarly, if there are items that still work, like pens that have ink in them, you don’t need to buy new ones of those either. You don’t need everything to be brand new; it may look nice for a bit, but it ends up being wasteful and expensive.
  1. Use Price Matching. Many stationery stores have a price matching feature, and this is fantastic if you are trying to save yourself some money. Have a good search online, find the best deals, and get them at the price you want from the stores you prefer.
  1. Look Online for Textbooks. For college and university students, textbooks are really expensive. However, there are loads of websites online that will offer new or second-hand copies for affordable prices, and some of them are absolute steals.
  1. Wait Until September to Buy Clothes. If you are buying kid’s uniforms or new school clothes in general, you will find that they all go on sale for lower prices in September. Wait until just before they go back to school, and the sales are on to swipe some fantastic clothing bargains.
  1. Try Supply Swaps Out. If you have spare stationery, check with other parents/students and see if they want to do a swap. They have something you need, you have something they need, and you can exchange them so that you don’t need to spend any money and can also give the spare items a good home where they will get used.


  1. Stick to Your List. Write your to-buy list and try your hardest not to stray from it. Only get what you came for and nothing else, or you will end up spending way more than you expected. This is the best way to save money and cut down on wasteful spending.
  1. If You’re Buying for the Kids – Leave Them Behind. If the school supplies are for your children, leave them at home while you shop. All they will do is ask for extra stuff or even sneak things into the basket! If you’re especially afraid you won’t be able to say no, going alone is the best decision.

To Conclude. Hopefully,this has helped you to better plan your school supply shopping trip so that you don’t end up spending way too much on items that you need. With these tips, everyone will end up fully equipped for school, and your bank account won’t be wiped out.

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