Top iOS and Android Apps to Stay on Top of the Stock and Options Markets


stock-trading-cellphoneNowadays keeping track of the stock market, and more importantly your portfolio, has become easier than ever. Hundreds of different apps and websites are out there for you take advantage of. If you need to figure out an investing plan, stay up to date on the markets or just generally like staying informed, there is an app for you. Trading can be a profitable endeavor and with a smartphone like an Android or iPhone, you can be an informed trader or investor in no time.

Tracking Stocks & Trading

One of the first things you should take into consideration is what stockbroker you’re using. They will most likely have an app that you can use online to monitor and plan for your portfolio. Regardless of what you currently use, here are some additional apps to help with tracking.

  1. Ameritrade: Features that come with this app include equity and option trading, real time streamed quotes and balance lists. You’ll be able to check order status and trade stocks and options with additional videos from Reuters and CNBC.
  1. Stock Tracker: For iOS users, this app helps utilize the Apple Watch and streams live quotes, pre-market and after-hour quotes as well. You’ll be able to look at multiple views while scrolling through a numerous amount of portfolios all in one place.

Current News

Everyone loves a good analyst opinion. It’s one of the few places where you want to listen to what a pundit has to say about the Dow Jones for once.  These renowned news sites will keep you updated with the most current opinions, articles, and videos.

  1. Bloomberg Business: A name like Bloomberg has earned its weight of prestige in the financial world. Bloomberg Business offers up to date comprehensive reviews about finance and business, along with market data and additional portfolio tracking tools. You can keep up to date with your companies by compiling a watch list that draws from content created on that select investment.
  1. MarketWatch: One of the most confidently accurate sources as it is published by Down Jones & Co., you can rest assured what you hear on this app can be construed as fact. While it may look like a simple bare bones app, it certainly makes up for that in the breadth of knowledge it offers.
  1. Morningstar: This app draws from multiple independent investment researches so you can gain your own insight from tailored investment research. A barometer in the app keeps you updated on the top 10 largest gains, losses and most active securities on a daily basis.

Alternative Tracking Methods

Many of these apps are all manifestations of old technologies in the new age. That is to say those news apps and stock tracking tools have evolved to fit current needs. A new breed of social media and simulators apps has become important tools in the investors’ toolbox as well.

  1. StockTouch: The basis for this app is to be visually appealing. It offers strong data visualization that covers over 9 major sectors and 5,000 plus companies. You can analyze what’s going on with different colored animations and coded maps and charts that show you rather than tell you what’s going on. There is no shortage of news stories either.  
  1. Scutify: This is a social media network for investors and traders. Scutify allows you to pull from various sources about what’s going on with a stock and receive direct updates straight to your device.
  1. Stock Wars: While this may be an older device, it’s great for both newcomers and veterans alike. If you’d like to test invest for free by using simulated assets on a real-time stock market, you can buy and sell virtual shares to see how they’d have turned out in the real world. Veterans can do this to see how a short term position may go or might have occurred, also allowing newcomers to get their feet wet in the world of investing.

Key Applications to Success

Overall, none of these apps alone are going to make you rich. Investing is heavily dependent on various market forces, your own individual plans and appetite for risk. Investing in the stock market is not akin to gambling, if you actively know why you’re doing something and have the research to back it up.  

A mixture of  a trading application, multiple news sources, simulators, and social media can all contribute to successfully investing.

Amelie Holt has been trading stocks and shares for several years now. Gaining a lot of help from online sources she wants to give back to the community and is now sharing her own tips online with her articles.

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