The Value of One Dollar Around the World

value of one dollar Since the early 2000’s, traveling Americans have had to endure steep costs due to the struggling value of the U.S. Dollar. Not that long ago the exchange rate for the British pound and the Euro was 2:1. With the economic state the dollar was in it made it difficult for Americans to travel to many destinations unless they had deeper pockets or were backpacking across the country, staying in hostels.

Starting in 2015, American travelers began to see a change in the trend and cost of their vacations and getaways. The dollar began to rise in value against most currencies of the world, becoming one of the strongest. Currently 1 British Pound will get you $1.28 US. With this wonderful change in the buying power of the dollar, now is the time to scratch the travel itch you have and see the world. Although a stronger dollar doesn’t mean that your plane ticket will be cheaper, your dollar will convert into more money overseas with the current exchange rates.

For those on a budget looking to make lasting memories this summer by exploring the world it may be advantageous to plan your trip according to where the U.S. dollar is the strongest. To help educate Americans on this matter created a guide for travelers that details the purchasing power of the U.S. dollar in some of the worlds best travel destinations.

To help Americans fully take advantage of this time and assist in fulfilling travel dreams, here is a list of 5 places to travel while the U.S. dollar is strong.


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Although Brazil was once considered to have a very strong economy, the FIFA World Cup, collapse of oil prices, and the 2016 Olympic preparations has crippled the economy and their currency. The U.S. dollar is worth about 57% more than it was in 2010.


The breathtaking city of Moscow, Trans-Siberian train journey, and the churches in St. Petersburg are more affordable than ever. At the end of 2014, the Russian ruble drastically plummeted. Although the Russians aren’t too thrilled about this, it’s great news for those looking to visit the beautiful countryside and cities that Russia has to offer.


Since 2010 the value of the Japanese Yen has declined and the U.S. Dollar is now worth about 33% more than it was back then.


Sinking oil prices have forced the Australian dollar to drop to its lowest value in the past decade. Australia has long been a destination for budget travelers and with the value of the Australian dollar being so low, the current exchange rates will give travelers the most bang for their buck. The beaches, national parks, and exclusive wildlife make Australia a “must” for travelers.

Countries that Use the Euro

There has never been a cheaper time to visit Europe for Americans than now. The Euro used to trade for about .76 cents on the dollar but now almost trades equally. Europe has so many thrilling and historical places to visit such as Germany, Italy, France and Greece. Now is the time to visit these fascinating destinations.

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