Weekly Personal Finance Roundup – October 9th

Each week I choose several articles to feature in my Weekly Personal Finance Roundup.

As always – Read, Learn, Take Action!

Paul – The Frugal Toad


Sustainable Life Blog has some great insight into Fincon11 in Bloggers are a wild bunch: Fincon11.

Family Money Values shares a poignant birthday wish to her son in Wealth.

DollarVersity has an interesting take on personal responsibility and Credit in Are Credit Issuer's to Blame for the Nations Problems?.

Mighty Bargain Hunter takes a look at investing in Gold in So you want to buy gold but don't own any.

Faithful with a Few hosted an amazing selection of personal finance articles at Yakezie Carnival October 9th 2011 Edition.

One Cent at a Time shares some “wisdom” with The Dumbest Mistake i Ever made in College, Learn From It.

Untemplater shares some great tips with 10 Tips for Helping Family Members with Money Problems.

The Penny Hoarder offers another strategy to make money in How to Make $500 Helping Facebook Stop Hackers.

My post was chosen to appear in the Celebrity Roast Edition of the Totally Money Blog Carnival at Financial Success for Young Adults.

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