Weekly Roundup – Happy Holidays Edition

Happy Holidays!

We hope you enjoyed the Holidays with your family, we sure did.  We wish you health and happiness in the New Year!

Great Finds This Week

Wise Bread shares some great ways to save money and live a frugal lifestyle with Best Money Tips: Frugal Family Living.

My friends at DQYDJ are kicking it up a notch with Are College Graduates Better Off Today Than in the Past?  On the surface it appears so but this topic deserves further analysis, rumor has it that DQYDJ is now gathering additional data and will soon need their own data storage service to house all the data they have accumulated!

For those of you thinking about traveling for New Years you want to check out Mainstreet's 5 Top New Year's Travel Destinations

Just in time for tax season, Sustainable Personal Finance writes a timely piece about Donating Land for Significant Tax Breaks.

If you are looking for the best thrifty ideas around be sure to stop by the Cosmopolitan Blog Award Winning The Miss Thrifty Blog

My Journey to Millions takes a look at real estate investment: Expenses that need to be Considered When Investing in Your First Property

Carnivals Mentioning The Frugal Toad

Totally Money Blog Carnival #47: Prelude to a New Year  hosted by Invest It Wisely

Carnival of Personal Finance #340 Diverse PF Bloggers Edition hosted by Financial Success for Young Adults

Carnival of Wealth, Goodbye Autumn Edition  hosted by Control Your Cash

Yakezie Carnival – Christmas Edition – Passive Income to Retire

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