Weekly Roundup – It’s Cold Outside Edition

As always I feature some of the best articles I read this past week with my readers.  Take some time this week to read a few articles and then be deliberate about how you spend your money!

Happy Holidays!

Paul at The Frugal Toad


Some Great Reads for This Week

Maria at The Money Principle shares some important lessons about life and finances in Gaming and life: lessons from Cashflow

Aaron Hung asks Should you buy a home in this economy?

Krant Cents discusses how Employers are Testing for Skill and Personality in an effort to find the best qualified candidates.

Your Finances Simplified shares what to look for when hiring a Financial Planner in Top Tips for Hiring a Financial Planner.

Ultimate Smart Money asks Do You Believe in the Santa Claus Rally?

The Skilled Investor has some great advice about diversification and reducing portfolio risk.

Crystal from How I make Money Blogging shares some great advice to new bloggers.  I highly recommend you read this as Crystal runs a very successful blogging business!

And last but not least my friends at DQYDJ take a different look, isn't that what we expect from them?, at the Occupy Wall Street Movement : Who are the One Percent? Who Cares?


Carnivals & Sites Mentioning The Frugal Toad

Carnival Of Financial Camaraderie # 12 – Drummer Boy Edition hosted by My University Money

Cavalcade of Risk #146 hosted by Chatswood Consulting

Totally Money Carnival: Countdown to Christmas hosted by Help Me To Save

Yakezie Carnival hosted by Broke Professional

Festival of Frugality #309: Don't Be a Cash Potato Edition hosted by Dewey's Treehouse

I had the pleasure of doing an interview with Shaun at Smart Family Finance about how families can make simple changes to save money: Wish Your Family Could be More Frugal? – How to Introduce Frugality to Your Family.  You need to stop by and check out the series of interviews on a wide range of Personal Finance topics.






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