Weekly Roundup – Winter is Around the Corner Edition

Winter is just around the corner and the leaves on the Maple Tree are an incredible yellow color!   The Thanksgiving leftovers are all gone and I find it hard to believe we will be putting up the Christmas decorations tomorrow.  We had a nice Thanksgiving with family and we hope you did the same.

As always – Read something new and take action.

Paul – The Frugal Toad


Great Reads of the Week

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My Journey to Millions discusses the fact that There is No Point in Discussing Safe Withdrawal Rates

Frugal Confessions wonders Are We United in Buying Things, or Are We United in Thanks on Thanksgiving Day?

You Have More Than You Think  Who Says You Can’t Pay Cash for a House?

Novel Investor wonders if We Need U.S. Debt, Just Not All Of It

My University Money shares Managing Your Impulsive Buying Habits

Barbara Friedberg Personal Finance shares Investing Rule 1: Know Thyself


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 Giveaways You Need to Checkout

Sustainable Personal Finance is hosting a major giveaway.  Celebrate the SPF 1 year anniversary giveaway at Sustainable Personal Finance where you can win an iPad 2 package (co-sponsored by Prairie Eco Thrifter), a bunch of green tech gizmos and cash.

Lena Sledge Blog  Kindle ebook Reader Giveaway

The Dividend Guy is giving away an iPad 2

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