What is an EFT: Electronic Funds Transfers

what is an EFT

The term EFT stands for Electronic Funds Transfer. It is a way of transferring funds electronically from one account to another. The process is done through computers and electronic technology, eliminating the need for paper documentation like checks. Unlike ACH transactions, which are processed in batches on predetermined days, an EFT can be initiated whenever both parties have access to their computer systems. This article will go over what an EFT is and how it works to understand better why you might need this service!

1. What is an EFT

EFT stands for Electronic funds transfer

Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) allows two parties to transfer money from one account to another.

It’s a straightforward process that is done by using computers and electronic technology.

2. How do they work

It works by connecting to your bank account online.

Using this electronic connection, you can establish a link between two or more accounts to transfer money from one person's account into another’s by using their names and identification numbers.

The process is done with the clicks of a button, eliminating the need for physical documentation.

3. Why you might need one

The most common use for EFTs is to move money from one account to another.

Also, people often choose electronic payment methods due to their convenience and ease of use.

It’s an easy way to transfer funds electronically without all the required documentation with checks or other paper documents.

This can be especially helpful if you are making payments to someone who works overseas or if you want to make an international payment.

Yikes! How do I learn more about EFTs and how they work?

You can read more of the rest of this article here.

You will see a video demonstrating exactly what you need to know.

4. Security and privacy concerns with EFTs

There are some security and privacy concerns with EFTs.

EFTs don’t allow you to check the balance in your account as traditional checks do, so it can be easy for someone to take advantage of that fact if they have access to your online bank account.

The person sending money also cannot confirm that the money is being transferred to the intended recipient.

Your bank account information is usually safe because your online connection encrypts it, but you should always be cautious about providing sensitive information over an open network like the internet.

Although there are risks involved with EFTs, they can also be very convenient and easy to use.

It’s helpful to weigh the pros and cons of EFTs before deciding if they are right for you.


In conclusion, EFTs are a great way to transfer money from one account to another online.

They can be very convenient and easy for most people, but security is always something you should consider before using this service.

When it comes to  EFTs, you need to weigh the pros and cons before deciding if they are suitable for your needs. This will ensure you make an informed decision when choosing this payment method.

If you would like to read the rest of this article, click the link above.

This will give you more information on how they work and what risks are involved with using them. Thanks for reading!

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