What Types of Content Are Best to Include in an Email Marketing Campaign?

email marketing campaign

Email marketing is a cost-effective form of advertising which is ideal for businesses looking to build a good relationship with their customers and drive consistent, high-quality traffic to their websites. This being said, with there being a greater focus on social media nowadays, many people aren’t sure how to go about creating their own email marketing campaign and have success with it. But don’t worry. In this article, we’re going to be providing you with some ideas on the best types of content to include within these campaigns. Read on to find out what they are and how they can drive sales to your business.

1.) eNewsletters

eNewsletters are an excellent form of content to include within your email marketing campaign. They are an electronic version of the newsletters one might receive through the post and are permission-based. By this, we mean only customers who have agreed to subscribe to your business emails may receive them. They’re distributed on a semi-regular basis, usually weekly or monthly, depending on the lifecycle of your campaign.

What’s great about eNewsletters is that they’re the perfect platform to deliver a lot of information about your products in a more subtle way than other forms of marketing. For instance, eNewsletters will usually include features on a subject relevant to your company’s latest products or services. So, paint manufacturers might write an article on the best ways to decorate a holiday home and then dedicate an entire section to their newest range of summer-inspired colours. Not only do these features contain useful information that makes customers feel like their subscription is worthwhile, but they also subtly persuade readers to invest in their product without them realising it. Take a look at some newsletter examples to see how truly effective they can be and gain inspiration for your own. What’s more, eNewsletters help businesses to create a better relationship with their consumers by building your brand and sharing helpful tips without asking for anything in return, endearing clients to you. They also provide a platform to host other types of content for email marketing. Keep reading and discover out what they are.

2.) Whitepapers

Whitepapers are more commonly known as research reports and they can be included as a feature within eNewsletters. They focus on a certain topic and expand upon it for the benefit of the reader, providing evidence and research to back up the point they’re arguing. More formal than other types of content, whitepapers include technical jargon, statistics, quotes from academic research, ectara. They’re also text-heavy which further sets them apart from other marketing strategies. Whitepapers are designed for the more discerning customer who likes to research before investing in anything. By providing hard evidence to back your claims and demonstrate the merits of your business, you’re bound to win the trust of every customer.

3.) eBooks

Sending an eBook to your clients or customers is another great form of content for email marketing campaigns. eBooks are similar to whitepapers in that they convey information, but they’re less dense and more playful. They’re also visually appealing with infographics and images, plus they keep everything concise to cater to readers who tend to skim or skip. What makes eBooks particularly beneficial is that you can market them alongside your email subscriptions by saying customers can get a free eBook if they sign up. Seeing as everyone likes to receive something for free, this is the perfect way to increase your contact list and thereby the effectiveness of your email marketing campaign. Once again, this helps to build a better relationship with your customers. If they feel you’re generous, they’re more likely to become loyal to your brand.

4.) Videos

You can also integrate videos into your eNewsletters. People often prefer to engage with visually dynamic content, so this is the perfect way to make your information more digestible. But what exactly should you include in videos for your email marketing campaign? Well, anything from a slideshow to behind-the-scenes footage works. Whatever fits the purpose of your email and builds your brand is best. Don’t forget to always keep your customer in mind when creating video content. Ask yourself honestly – will this content be of interest to them? If not, then you need to rethink.

5.) Webinars

Business owners are often specialists in their subject with a lot of useful information to share with clients and customers. As such, they often host webinars to impart their knowledge. You can integrate webinars with your email marketing campaigns by sending everyone on your contact list an invitation to attend your video conference. This sparks the curiosity of customers, encouraging them to participate. From here, you can use your webinars to give clientele a taster of your services, build their loyalty and trust as they can see the face behind the name, plus increase the credibility of your business by demonstrating your specialist knowledge. They’re an underutilised but incredibly effective type of content for email marketing campaigns which thoroughly engage users.

6.) Special Promotions

Offering special promotions to customers who sign up to your company emails is a great way to build your contact list and ensure recurring business. These promotions could include anything from competitions, offering discount codes, to providing members with a special deal on their next purchase. What’s more, promotions are considered newsworthy information. By this, we mean what you’re sharing is new and exciting to customers, making them far more likely to open your email. As most promotions are limited time only, this also incites a sense of urgency in people to read the message sooner rather than later. All these factors help to generate buzz and increase engagement, which later translates into bigger sales. By consistently rolling out small rewards to customers, you can guarantee they’ll be more loyal to your brand and buy from you more consistently.

These are our best ideas for content to include in your email marketing campaigns. Make use of this diverse range of tactics to appeal to various customers, inspire their loyalty and trust, make your business seem more credible, and then see the results for yourself.

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