What to Look for When Attending a Marketing Event

attending a marketing event

As a person who has worked in marketing for more than a decade, I've attended dozens of corporate marketing events. There are many benefits of attending these type of events such as networking opportunities, skill development, brand awareness, and of course content creation. Oftentimes companies look at these events as being costly and ineffective, but these types of professional events provide opportunities that oftentimes your staff won't find anywhere else, which provides them new skills, connections, and teaching them how to expand and introduce their brand to new audiences. Whether it is a networking event, travel event, learning event, or lecture; there are a variety of different ways to make the event more attractive for the audience. Here are some 2019 event marketing trends to help draw more attention to your company or brand.

Ways to Help Increase your Attendance and Promote your Marketing Event

Bios and Pictures

Creating a mini-biography page for each of your speakers is always a good idea. It gives those attending a chance to become better acquainted with each individual speaker. It also never hurts to include a photo, that way the audience can get to know their faces and credentials.

Promotional Products

Rather it's coffee cups, hats with your company's logo, cellphone cases, or memory sticks, handing out promotional items is a great way to draw a larger audience. Considering we live in an extremely health conscious society, health and wellness products are always a big hit, especially when it comes to attracting millennial. At your event, you could hand out spa vouchers or gym trial memberships, but branded bottled water is also just as effective.

Having a Tent or Canopy with Your Company's Logo

Having a tent or canopy with your company's logo will help draw more attention to your brand and increase its presence. It allows you to display your company's name or logo inside or outside. The price of a pop-up tent can vary depending on the size, logo, and the material it's made from. Whether it's an easy to set up popup tent, inflatable tent, or a larger tent, such as an action tent, these are all great ways to generate more attention and help attract a larger audience.

Emailing or Pre-Registering

We live in an age where most of our communicating is either done online or via texting, which is a much more accessible and convenient method. Communicating with someone through email or over Facebook messager provides attendees the option to pre-register and is a great way to increase your visibility. If you already have preexisting email marketing list, this provides a way for you to advertise your event for partners and friends.

Marketing Event Press Releases

In order to generate exposure for your event, you may want to consider a press release. Coverage for your event is essential because the more exposure you generate will only increase the presence of your brand. You want the event to be covered by reports, bloggers, editors, and to distribute your press release to every major media outlet.

Ticketing Options

Hosting a ticketed event is never a bad idea. Everyone's schedule is different, which is why many people may be able to only attend half of the duration of the event. By introducing a variety of different ticketing options, such as reduced prices for half-day passes will provide attendees more options and increase the likelihood of them signing up. You can also introduce an early bird special, which will increase your number of attendees by allowing them to buy their tickets earlier than they would normally.


When it comes to attracting a larger audience, a little personalization never hurts. Giving attendees the chance to personalize their experience and create their own schedule gives them the opportunity to choose from group activities, one-on-one meetings, team building activities and therefore gives them the power to create their own event. The whole one size fits all is a fad has come and gone, attendees are now looking for a more personalized and unique experience.

You Can Never Have Enough Promotion

Your turnout will depend on a variety of different factors, but most importantly promotion, because a company can never have too much promotion. You should consider working with local radio stations and influencers to help advertise your event. You should identify your target audience and demographics such as age, gender, interests, and industry. Analyzing attendee date from previous events can help figure out your demographic and determine which channels and tactics are most effective.

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