Why Engagement Is Key To Online Success

Engagement Is Key To Online Success And Web Redesign Could Help Improve That

online succesFrom the internet bubble and burst of the 1990s to the beginning of age of social networking in 2000s, businesses have made several strides towards increasing engagement with their customers.

Engagement is seen as one of the most crucial aspects of succeeding online and companies have been exploring various ways and means of making sure that they remain visible to their customers, while communicating the right message.

Today, most websites have changed their platforms in a bid to boosting user engagement, and this activity is not restricted to a particular group of websites. All websites, big and small have been involved including big media companies such as BBC, whose website looked like this in 1997. Compare this look to today’s BBC website and you would identify a striking difference.

Some of the reasons behind this change are basically the fact that the current version looks modern, but more than that, when you open the home page, and even on the posts pages, it is very interactive. We are talking of readers’ ability to select from a number of categories right from the home page, while retaining the same ability on posts pages.

This is something that website indexing companies such as Google.com and Microsoft’s Bing continue to emphasize on as well, and is used as part of the metrics from website rankings.

This is perhaps why companies in different industries have consistently been improving the look of their websites as they seek to rank well in Google and other search engines. Websites get rewarded for improving their design to increase interaction with the user.

The change cuts across all industries, including ecommerce, sports, financial services and gambling, and this can be illustrated by the changes made by websites like Amazon, eBay, and goal.com among others.

Why engagement is important to companies

Basically, when you engage a user, which means that the time they spend on your website goes up, it is translated as a vote of approval by Google ranking algorithms. On the other hand, improved rankings are likely to lead to increased traffic, which is crucial for revenue generation, if monetized well.

Currently, the world’s largest social network Facebook leads the charts in terms user engagement and this is down to the fact that it is a social network, which means users are able to interact with several features of the website right from the first page they open.

Google’s YouTube is of course next in line, while the rest of the social networking platforms follow afterwards. The difference between Facebook and the rest of the social networking platforms engagement levels is so large such that they could not be fitted on the same chart.

Now, in truth, it would be hard to say which website looks more modern than the other, but it is quite clear that the difference between Facebook and the rest would not be as big, when looking at design. Additionally, some issues to do with subscriber numbers also play a part in the total minutes spent on the platforms.

Facebook has also continuously been redesigning its website and many would agree that the current platform is far much different from what users used to login to, back in 2004. Acquisition of various websites such as Face.com, Instagram and development of new features such as sponsored stories and news feed have contributed to some of the redesign processes.

Facebook, Google and many other top websites have managed to increase monetization of the engaged users over the last couple of years, after a tough start during the shift to mobile platforms.

The increasing use of mobile devices is another reason behind the rapid modernization of websites to make them responsive to different platforms including tablets and smartphones.


The bottom line is that websites have redesigned their looks over time, and this has been for the better. The change has been forced by rapid modernization and the emergence of mobile devices, as well as internal changes such as introduction of new features.

Therefore, as companies continue to push for increased engagement levels, expect more changes to that lovely look of a website that you are so used to, because the next one is bound to be even better in most of the cases.

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