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borrowing money

3 Do’s and One Don’t of Borrowing Money in 2017

The worldwide lending landscape has changed quite a bit since the introduction of the internet and the revolution in consumer and communication technologies. There are many ways to borrow money these days, though the better your credit and other qualifications the more options will be available to you. Anybody can get a loan, but not […]

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protect yourself from credit card fraud

How to Protect Yourself from Credit Card Fraud

Credit card fraud has been in the news recently and is a growing threat to consumer bank accounts globally. The following are several tips to help protect yourself from Credit Card Fraud. Avoid Using ATMs in Tourist Areas Tourist areas are popular places for thieves because there are large numbers of travelers that need to […]

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starting a business

Starting a Business with Bad Credit? Why Common Financing Options Will Result in More Debt

When you hear success stories such as Mark Zuckerberg and the launch of Facebook, you can’t help but think, “If he can do it, so can I”. I mean who hasn’t thought at least once or twice about walking into their boss’s office and calling it quits? Being your own boss, calling all the shots, […]

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tips to build your credit score

Tips to Build Your Credit Score

Credit scores are incredibly important these days.  While some may think that credit scores are only used when purchasing something with credit, that is simply not entirely true.  Having a good credit score can affect your insurance premiums, if you can rent an apartment, if you can get a job, along with paying cheaper rates […]

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credit card was hacked

Your Credit Card Was Hacked, Now What?

With major retailers revealing the breach of their customers’ credit and debit card data, it is more important than ever to protect yourself.  It is becoming easier for hackers to steal and use customer card information, so it is your responsibility to be on the lookout.  So, what do you do if your debit or […]

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financial trouble

Five Signs That You May Be Heading For Financial Trouble

At any stage of life, anyone can have money troubles that means they need to ask for professional advice. Whether its debt, overspending or an unexpected financial blow that has put you in jeopardy, there are a number of ways you, can help to remedy the damage. Even if your affairs are not dire, there […]

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