Egypt & Your Pockets – Saving Money On an Egyptian Holiday

egyptian holidayVisiting Egypt during peak season is usually the most expensive time to travel, both due to the long, hot days and the children's summer break from school. However, with a lot of planning ahead and some good advice, you can save money on your trip to Egypt.

Choose the right time of year

As temperatures can soar to up to 50º Celsius in August, if you’re not acclimatized to this kind of heat, you might struggle to enjoy the holiday. Many of the locals leave during the winter, so if you’re planning a visit to Cairo, this is a good time because the city is much less busy.

Use a price comparison site

One of the best ways to make sure you get the right deal is to use an online price comparison website. Whether you’re looking for flights alone or browsing the package holidays, there are options out there to suit every budget. If you’re flexible on your travel dates, you’re bound to find a good price.

See Egypt on a budget

Many of the pyramids in central areas like Cairo are completely free to visit. It’s a chance to marvel at some of this ancient history on a budget.

When it comes to eating out, there are plenty of budget eateries to check out. Don’t think that just because you’re on holiday, you have to eat out all the time. Drop in at the supermarket and fill up your hotel fridge with bits and pieces for snacking on in the evening. Remember to pack a picnic before you leave to go sightseeing for the day.

Public transport is reasonably cheap. If you climb into one of the many taxis which frequent the most heavily populated tourist areas, it’s better to negotiate a price before you get in. You may otherwise find the fare on the meter really go up!

Be sure to ask the person who runs your hostel or hotel for advice on hiring a driver for the day, if you’re only visiting for a short time. This can work out much cheaper if you are travelling in a group and you have your driver for the whole day at your disposal. You’ll be surprised at how cheap this actually is, and you can see the city like a local!

Image by e skene, used under Creative Commons license

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