Hidden Hotel Fees

Common Hotel Fees to Watch For

hidden hotel feesChoosing the right place to stay on a trip is important. Watch out for these hidden fees next time you make plans to travel.

Shuttle – Be sure to ask the hotel if they charge for the shuttle. Do not assume that shuttles are free as many hotels are now starting to charge a fee for this service.

Bellhop/Housekeeping – Some hotels are now including a charge for this service on your bill. Check the hotel policy before leaving a tip to avoid doubling this expense.

Check-in/Check-out – Most hotels have policies regarding when you can check-in and when you have to check-out. If your room is ready most hotels will let you check-in early, however if you check-out past the posted check-out time you may be charged a late check-out fee.

Internet – Most hotels have computers with internet access or wifi. Do not assume that wifi access is free as some hotels are now charging a fee for this service.

Parking – While most hotels have free parking if you are staying in a city center you will want to check the availability of parking. Some hotels have mandatory valet parking which can run $25 per day.

Luggage Holding – This is a great service especially when you arrive before check-in and you want to do some site seeing. Most hotels will hold your luggage in a secure location until you are ready to check-in. Don't forget to tip the bellhop!

Resort Fee – Some hotels charge a fee for use of facilities such as the pool, exercise room, and spa even if you do not plan on using these amenities.  Ask what the resort fee is when requesting a quote and try to negotiate this fee down. Often you can receive a complimentary breakfast or other freebie just for asking!

Telephone – Local calls are free at most hotel chains however to avoid unnecessary fees use your cellphone.

Extra Guests – Room rates are based upon double occupancy. So you can forget about cramming 8 people in one room to save money. If the hotel manager discovers you have extra guests spending the night he may charge you up to $25 per guest.

By asking a few questions when making your hotel reservation you can save on hidden hotel fees.


Readers: What advice do you have on how to save on hotel fees?


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