Mini Cruises – A Cheap and Fun Vacation for the Family

Out to Sea — On A Mini Cruise With the Family


mini cruisesThinking about taking the family on vacation? The thought of yet another beach holiday or of long car journeys with the kids growing restless in the back fills you with dread. You want a different kind of travel, which is where a mini cruise can be just the ticket.

What is a mini cruise, by the way? Not quite like traditional cruises, which take you away to dreamlike (faraway) parts of the world for up to a month, mini cruises are an affordable form of travel that take you to a single destination or more for a few days. They’re long enough to accumulate the travel experiences without the kids getting fed up, but here are a few more reasons why mini cruises are good for families:

They’re a genuine getaway

Dad won’t have to do much driving, if any. You just have to get to the port. Once you’re on the ship, you don’t have to worry about being stuck in traffic jams and the kids getting all cranky. It’s just you, your family and the sea, and you’re sailing away to cities like Amsterdam, with its Rijksmuseum, which boasts Holland’s largest collection of art and artifacts, or Hamburg with the Alster lake, where you can join the other citizens walking across the frozen-over lake in winter. It’s a real break.


You get to explore places that you might not otherwise be able to

Bringing up children is time consuming. Maybe you’ve always wanted to see Paris but have never got there. Perhaps you can only travel at peak times such as the school holidays, but the prices are too high. Mini cruises can allow you to get away to those places for a few days and it doesn’t necessarily have to be at a peak travel time.

Then there are places that you might not have considered. Take Guernsey, for instance. A mini cruise to this charming little Channel Island makes for a nice escape from the pace of daily life. Both you and the kids will feel relaxed.


You can broaden the kids’ horizons

By making the most of your free time and seeing different places with the family on a mini cruise, you can really educate your kids. Experiencing countries with another language and culture can really trigger their curiosity for the world and make them more open minded. A child that is interesting in everything around them is a child that can go far.

Mini cruises are much more than just jumping on a ship and traveling to a destination. They’re about being open to new things while getting away from life as you already know it for a few days. They’re about everyone having fun and seeing the world together. And they’re a chance to do so for less. You should take it.


Readers: Have you taken a cruise vacation? Where did you go and what did you do?

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