Money Saving Travel Tips for Taking a Cruise Holiday

taking a cruiseCruising is a great holiday option for anyone hoping to enjoy the world and all its wonders in a comfortable, luxurious environment. It can, however, end up being quite an expensive outing for those who aren’t familiar with how to find  the best deals. There are plenty of ways to save money here though, so no need to worry if you’re new to the game!

Firstly, if you’re shopping on a budget, you should consider looking out for a last minute cruise deal. There are plenty on offer, and the internet is a great place to find them. A quick online search will yield plenty of results, but it’s in looking a little closer that you’ll be able to take advantage of the best deals.

Most cruise operators have a reservation cancellation period for pre-booked customers. If anyone cancels their ticket, the operator will re-advertise the spot, usually at a markedly reduced price. The cut-off point is usually 60 to 90 days prior to departure, so searching for deals around this time could be very beneficial for last minute customers.

Booking off season can be a good idea too; for example think about the Caribbean during hurricane season – don’t worry, if there are bad weather conditions during the voyage, the crew will organize a reroute. Or how about Alaska in the months leading up to the summer? You can still enjoy the gorgeous frontiers, just remember to pack a few extra sweaters.

You might also like to try a repositioning cruise. Throughout the year, cruise liners move to different parts of the world, depending on the season, and passengers can book to go along for the ride. Most of these cruises are quite oversubscribed by season ticket holders, but occasionally places will be advertised and are generally much cheaper than a standard cruise. Bear in mind though that there will probably be extra airfares to consider, since the journey starts and ends in different countries.

If you’re not shopping with a travel agent, think about bulk buyers. These companies buy blocks of cabins and sell them at a vastly reduced price. Again, however, you should think about airfares; usually they won’t be included in the advertised price.

Be prepared to accept what’s available. If you approach your cruise with an open mind, you’re much more likely to be happy with what you find. You may not be offered the best cabin, or get a prime seat in the dining room, but you’ll still be able to enjoy the world aboard a luxury cruise liner, with plenty to do and see.

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