Save on Video Games by Renting

 Rent Video Games Instead of Buying

Video games are not only popular with teens but families are discovering that they can provide an alternative to the boring Friday night dinner and a movie routine.

 Video Game Rental Sites

Gamefly:  Plans start at $22.95  per month for 2 video game rentals  or $15.95 per month fort 1 game rental per month.  Gamefly ships their games from Los Angeles, CA, Pittsburgh, PA, Tampa, FL, Austin, TX, and Seattle, WA.  7000 titles and you can add games to your GameQ.  Can cancel at anytime without penalty.  Parental Controls are available and Parents have the ability to block games by rating.

GameMine:  Plans start with a basic $8.99/month plan for  1 game at a time plan with a 2 game per month limit, $19.99/month for a 2 game at a time with unlimited game rental.  GameMine also has prepaid plans available.  You can cancel at anytime however if you return a game after your credit card has been charged you may be subject to restocking fee per the companies website.  GameMine has no parental controls available on their website. Distribution centers are located  in Florida, New Jersey, and Los Vegas and shipping takes between 2 – 7 days.

Gamerang:  operates four basic rental plans:

  • $17.95 monthly for one video game at a time
  • $24.95 monthly for two video games at a time
  • $49.95 monthly for three video games at a time
  • $59.95 monthly for four video games at a time

(Refundable deposits are required for the three-game and four-game rental options.)

Gamerang has 7400 video game titles and offers no parental controls to limit the type of video games that can be rented from it's website.  Gamerang has 4 distribution centers located in Santa Ana, CA,  Purcell, OK,  Englewood, NJ, and Crystal, MN.

Redbox:   Fees for video game rentals are $20 per week or $2 per day at 27,000 out of the 33,000 Redbox Rental Kiosks across the country.  Redbox states each kiosk will have between 22 to 28 Game Titles as well as up to 200 movies.  Use to locate which rental kiosk has the video game you are looking for.

With the cost of popular video games costing upwards of $60 renting can save you money.

Have you used Redbox to rent a video game?  Share your experience by leaving a comment.


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