Summer Activities to Get You in Shape on a Budget

summer activitiesSo you’ve survived another winter, and want to get fit and healthy this summer. You want to make the most of those long sunlight hours and summer holidays. But you don’t want to break the bank. Here are some fun summer activities that are sure to get you fit on a budget.



Ok, ok, so buying a bike doesn’t seem like a cheap option. But what about if you use it to replace your daily commute? Spending summer mornings and evenings trapped in a car or train carriage can be soul crushing. With the cash you will save on parking, fuel and train fares you can invest in a sweet ride and all of the associated apparel for bargain prices at Sports Authority. As well as getting fit, cycling is often quicker than driving, particularly if your commute has heavy traffic. This option is obviously not for everyone however, more and more cities are expanding bike trail systems and most mass transit systems allow you to bring your bike with you on the bus.


Camping & Hiking

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This has got to be my favorite summer holiday activities. I go camping every summer and look forward to being outdoors with my friends and family. No accommodation to pay for, total freedom and the great outdoors. Roll up a tent, pack some snacks and pull on your hiking boots for adventure, exploration and some serious fitness. How far you hike is up to you so you can tailor your hike to your fitness level. This is particularly awesome to do with family and friends – an opportunity for fun and bonding outside the norms of everyday life.


Water Sports

Summer time screams for water sports. Whether you have access to the beach, a river or a lake, there are plenty of low cost options. Swimming doesn’t cost a dime. Exploring the underwater world with a snorkel is so engaging that you get fit without even realizing it. And buying the gear costs hardly anything, especially buying used. Maybe you’ve got an old surfboard stored away in the garage. Get that baby out!

Bottom line is that exercise doesn't have to cost a lot of money and there are lots of options to include fun summer activities with friends and family.

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