Top Tips for Travel Savings

travel savingsTravel to a new destination can be filled with excitement and adventure. If you don't plan carefully it can also become a nightmare. The following tips should help you save lots of money when planning your next getaway.

Use Travel Websites

There are many travel websites out there and many sites make it difficult to compare fees, especially when combining airfare, hotel, and car rental. It is possible to save money by combining reservations however it may be wise to review the website's terms and conditions relating to pricing and fees. Kayak and Airfarewatchdog can save you substantial money on airfare.

Research Travel Destination

You may be able to save money by avoiding prime tourist locations. By staying at a smaller hotel just down the beach from that mega resort you can save big bucks.

Try a Hostel: If you are single or do not have children try staying at a hostel. Visit American Youth Hostels for more information.

Fly into Smaller Airports: You may have to drive a little farther to your destination but savings can be substantial by flying into a nearby airport.

Opt for Cruise Shoulder Season: Going on a cruise? Check out rates for the first and last week the cruise line serves your point of interest. Be aware that weather can be something to consider during the shoulder season.

Travel in the Offseason:  Ski resorts have lower rates in the summer yet have lots of activities such as mountain biking, golf, and horseback riding. Traveling to Europe in the off season can save you up to 50% off peak season rates. Check out Tourism Offices Worldwide Directory for information about traveling during the off season.

Other Travel Cost Saving Ideas

Pack Light: With most airlines now charging for extra and overweight luggage it is important to watch what you are packing. If it is a weekend getaway pack only the essentials in a carry on bag. Another benefit is you won't have to retrieve checked luggage. Leave the shampoo, toothpaste, and soap at home and use the hotel's complimentary items. Forgot your toothbrush at home? Ask the front desk for a complimentary item.

Travel with a Friend: Traveling with a friend can save you money on lodging and rental car fees when you share costs. You can even share costs for groceries when renting a vacation home. Choose your travel buddy carefully so that you won't cramp each other's style.

By taking advantage of these travel tips you can have fun in the sun and save money at the same time!


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