Travel Tips: Best Ways to Get a Cheap Flight

We already know that airfare can change by the hour it seems, but as you are refreshing your browser trying to see if prices are going down, did you know that could actually be creating demand and making prices increase?  Web browsing information is stored in cookies and can be used by airlines to dictate prices based on activity, so by clearing browsing history and deleting cookies on your computer it could level the playing field when searching for flights.  When it comes time to purchase a flight, it actually becomes a science; knowing where to look and when to book.   In can be stressful  planning your vacation, trying to get the best deal before finally booking, but here are some of the best ways to get a cheap flight:

Be Flexible with Days & Times

Airlines know the most popular days to fly are typically Thursday’s – Sunday’s, with peak prices for departures on Thursday or Friday, returning on Sunday.  Same goes with flight times, as most want to depart late morning and returning flight leaving late morning/early afternoon, being able to take advantage of getting there early, while sleeping in a bit before traveling home.  If you have the flexibility to leave a day or two before or after originally planned it may save you hundreds of dollars traveling during the week not only off of the flight, but also off a hotel, as the prime weekend rates would be avoided.  If travel days are limited, booking a late flight after work the day before, getting in late, while will have to weigh another hotel night, or first flight out in the morning, although early, could still end up with big savings.

Know Where to Look

I have found the best savings by booking directly through the airline’s website where coupons and promo codes are offered for use only on their site, but like anything you are in the market for, it is important to shop around.  Try travel sites where you and mix and match airlines to see if you can find cheaper one-way tickets from different airlines instead of one round-trip with the same.  If you know you need hotel and rental car arrangements, bundle the flight, hotel, and car together as travel sites will typically give a discount for booking everything together on their site.

Keep an Eye Out for Deals

Sign up for email alerts from each airline, which will give you access to last minute sales or coupon codes off flight bookings.  Follow the airlines on social media and be the first to know of any deals, most likely before the email blast even goes out, even offering specific deals only to Facebook and Twitter followers.  Other third party sites can even offer fare tracker price alerts that will let you know of any price drops so you can act quickly.

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