Travel to Europe on a Budget

Book a Late European Adventure Without Spending a Fortune

travel to europe on a budgetEurope brims with history, from the top of the Eiffel Tower to the remains of the Berlin Wall, the Italian Colosseum to the waterways of Amsterdam and Venice. Each of the countries that make up this vast continent has its own story to tell; unique traditions and cultures are just waiting to be discovered. Best of all, it’s relatively easy to bag a brilliant late holiday if you still fancy getting away to explore several areas this summer!

One of the nice things about vacationing in Europe is the fact that it’s very easy to move from one country to another without having to worry about arduous air travel. The InterRail system is very popular with travellers and means that you can experience a lot of countries in one trip. While InterRailing may once have been but a selection box for a gap year traveller to get their teeth into, it’s becoming more and more popular with a number of different demographics. Choosing just three or four countries can be the best option, booking into budget hotels and hostels and spending a few nights in each place to avoid wearing yourself out. Look out for accommodation where breakfast is included in the price, to start your day in Continental style.

Alternatively, and if you time your traveling appropriately, you can often sleep on the trains and spend your days wandering through your cities of choice. Be aware that you’d have to keep your full kit with you if you do this, or pay for left luggage storage at each new stop, the cost of which can mount up over the course of a few weeks. There are 30 countries included on the InterRail pass and you can tailor the trip entirely to suit your needs. Prices stay the same throughout the year, with big discounts for children (4-11), seniors and those under age 25, so getting late deals here couldn’t be easier!

If rail travel isn’t for you, there are plenty of last minute flight options and offers on hotels across Europe too. A quick online search will yield tons of results for you to peruse and hotspots to look out for in 2013 include: Croatia (avoid Dubrovnik if possible, it can get very pricey), the Czech Republic, where you can stroll across the Charles Bridge in Prague and enjoy open-air concerts, and Albania – the Riviera here is a must-see, especially if you’re hoping to enjoy a Mediterranean beach trip at a decent price. Drymades is perfect if you’re looking for a secluded getaway; it’s relatively untouched and great for anyone hoping for tranquillity away from the daily routine.

Late holidays can also be made cheaper depending upon when you choose to travel, for example try to book after the school holidays are over if you don’t have kids, or shop around for the cheapest flights before committing to your dates. Avoid peak weekend times and look out for special deals on accommodation – some hotels will give one night free with a set number of days.

All in all, booking a Europe holiday can be inexpensive, and during your stay you should try to find free museums, steer clear of touristy dining areas (for example close to the foot of the Eiffel Tower), do as much walking as you can to save on transportation (several guide books come with walking guides to specific areas such as Dorling Kindersley), or hire bikes. Tourist Information Centres are sources of information too.

So, what are you waiting for? Begin your search for a late break today and with a bit of planning, you might just discover you can afford it.

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