How to Find the Best Reits to Invest In 2019

Investing in real estate doesn’t always mean buying and selling property. Many REITs, or real estate investment trusts, trade on major stock exchanges, making them accessible to everyone. Investing in a REIT is like investing in any other stock, so buying in is much more affordable than purchasing property. Because REITs are traded on the […]

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Getting Back on Your Feet after a Loss

Volatility is one of the characteristics of the financial markets that you need to know about. This means there are periods of highs and lows due to price fluctuations encountered by the many trading instruments. This draws a thin line between profits and losses and landing either is something you need to be prepared for. […]

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save money and time

6 Tips That You Can Use to Save Money and Time

Due to this mass information age and the advancements in technology, no one seems to have enough time in the day. Even though all of the information that everyone needs is just at the tip of a finger on a point of sale screen, you can’t get everything done in 24 hours. Therefore, if you […]

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Are Real Estate Agents Worth the Commission?

Are you on the fence about whether or not to use a real estate agent for your next home purchase? Are real estate agents worth the commission they charge? According to the National Association of Realtors, 87% of buyers recently purchased their homes by using the services of a real estate agent. To help you […]

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Find the Best Deals by Shopping Off Season

Off Season Shopping Shopping online has skyrocketed in popularity the past 15 years. These days many people choose to do almost all of their fiscal transactions online. Have you ever bought something online on a site like Amazon, only to find it a few months later at a much lower price? This can be incredibly […]

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applying for a car loan

Applying for a Car Loan? Here’s How to Lower Your Auto Costs

Americans love their automobiles and are willing to use financing in record amounts to acquire them. Roughly 85% of Americans who purchased a new car in the last six months used financing, either a lease or a car loan. Buying a car is typically the second largest purchase behind a home for most people and […]

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debt management plan

Debt Management Plan or Debt Relief Order?

People often find it really hard to face up to their debt problems because they believe that there’s no real way out of them. Many people worry that bankruptcy is the only answer to serious debt issues, but there are other solutions that aren’t so drastic. Two popular options for resolving serious debt issues are […]

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Why Small Businesses Depend on General Liability Insurance

Small business owners are always looking for the most economical way to run their companies. After all, profitability depends on maximizing revenue and minimizing operating expenses; pursuing one without the other is counterproductive. So, entrepreneurs are always seeking out ways they can cut costs without cutting the quality of work they’re doing. It might be […]

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right type of life insurance

Do You Have the Right Type of Life Insurance?

Adults who want to buy life insurance have a lot of options. Depending on your needs, you can select from at least a half-dozen different kinds of policies. Sometimes it’s said that there are just three types of life insurance, but in reality, there are at least a dozen different variations and combinations of the […]

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What Are Personal Loans and Why Do People to Take Them Out?

Millions of people take on debt every year. As a matter of fact, no matter which age group you’re in, chances are you have at least $10,000 in debt weighing against your net worth. With all of this tough talk against debt that you hear in the news today, it’s a wonder why anybody takes […]

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NYC on a budget

How to Plan a Day in NYC on a Budget

Heading to the Big Apple? Well, it’s notorious for being one of the most expensive cities in the world, and certainly the most expensive city to visit in the US. Here are some tips for planning a day in NYC on a budget without worrying about money. Getting Around New York cabs are expensive, so […]

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Smartphone Theft

Smartphone Theft: How to Deter Thieves and Protect Your Data

In a world where smartphones have become an integral part of our working and social lives, the threat of smartphone theft has been getting greater and greater. According to Consumer Reports National Research Center, 2.1 Million cell phones were stolen in the U.S. last year with another 3.1 Million cell phones reported as being lost. Theft […]

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Proven Strategies to Build a More Resilient Business

While a lot is said about business resilience and continuity planning, and the importance of a company being agile and responsive; in the end it all boils down to one simple goal – being able to continue to serve your customers even when times get tough. Business resilience is about rolling with the punches and […]

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poor money management

How Poor Money Management Can Ruin Your Chance to Build Wealth

You’ve probably heard of the saying, ‘earn like the rich and spend like the poor.’ The rich remain rich by spending like the poor while the poor stay poor because they try to emulate lavish lifestyles. Money management is crucial for both low and high income earners. According to author Elizabeth Warren’s 50/20/30 budget rule, […]

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Money Saving Tips: This Home buying Mistake Can Cost You Thousands

Buying a home in the winter? Ask for an escrow account for seasonal repairs. Buying a home in the middle of winter may seem like a mistake. After all, who wants to trudge through the cold looking at homes? There are typically less buyers in the winter months and that means sellers are often motivated […]

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How a Good Credit Score Can Help You Reach Life’s Milestones

Life is full of ups and downs but While having a good credit score can’t lessen the impact of every difficulty, it certainly can help make reaching your financial goals easier. So how much does bad credit cost you? Bad credit can literally cost you thousands of dollars over the long-term in higher interest charges, […]

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term life insurance

Why Term Life Insurance Is an Option Worth Considering

  When the time comes to look at life insurance and all the different options, it can be challenging to determine not just how much coverage you need, but what life insurance plan is the best option for you. You have two main options for coverage, permanent insurance or term life insurance. Both have their […]

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using credit cards responsibly

Using Credit Cards Responsibly: The Double Edge Sword Explained

Depending on your credit habits, you either have a love or a hate relationship when it comes to credit cards. If you love them, it’s likely because you’ve found a card that offers you a top notch rewards program or a low interest rate. With the right credit card you can travel for free or […]

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penny stock traders

The Best Brokers for Penny Stock Traders

  Penny stock traders have unique requirements when it comes to selecting a broker. Since most penny stocks trade below $5, fees must be minimal, and multiple trades must be supported. Take a look at this list of the best brokers for penny stock traders in 2018.   Robinhood Robinhood is the only broker that […]

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owning a home

The Hidden Costs of Owning a Home

Owning a Home – Investment or Expense? Owning a home has long been the American Dream.  A recent survey by the National Association of Homebuilders (NAHB) uncovered that 75% of Americans still believe that owning a home is the best long-term investment they can make.  According to a recent report by CoreLogic, negative equity peaked […]

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Activities to Tick Off Your Bucket List When Traveling in Utah

  Utah, a classic gem to all who visits the state. This place offers a wide range of activities for kids and kids-at-heart, for passersby, for enthusiasts, and road trippers. If you are on the lookout for top things to do in Utah, then adventure, splendour, and a rich culture await you. Add up to […]

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Top Travel Tips for Those Traveling to the United States

The United States continues to be one of the top travel destinations in the world for good reason. The U.S. has some of the most scenic landscapes that you will find along with popular tourist attractions such as The Grand Canyon, Yellowstone and Yosemite National Parks. There has never been a better time to book […]

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save money on auto insurance

Learn How to Save Money on Auto Insurance

The cost of auto insurance is very high. Insurers have increased their premiums in order to protect their valuables and, still, many of them do not make a profit. These premiums can vary by hundreds of dollars. Motor insurance continues to remain the biggest and most expensive nuisance. The good news is that, with the […]

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saving money for your dream trip

The Ultimate Guide to Saving Money for Your Dream Trip

Everyone has a trip on their bucket list that they have been dreaming to have since they were little. However, back then you had no idea that money is a big inconvenience that can stop you from fulfilling your wish, you were just thinking about how amazing it is going to be when you reach […]

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hr tips for small to medium sized businesses

HR Tips for Small to Medium Sized Businesses

For small to medium businesses struggling to remain competitive and keep their cashflow healthy, HR often becomes an afterthought, or something you only address when an issue has already arisen. Not only can this cause ill-will in the workplace and affect productivity, in the worst-case scenario it can land employers in serious legal and financial […]

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how much life insurance

Getting It Right: How Much Life Insurance Do You Need?

  Life insurance is a great solution when it comes to securing a financial safety net for your loved ones. Deciding on how much life insurance you need can be a bit tricky. Before you decide on how much life insurance you need, it is best to first determine if you need life insurance, the […]

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low risk ways to make money

How to Manage Your Small Business’s Finances

Your small business takes money seriously. Having your financial affairs at the front of your mind as a business owner means you always know how much cash is coming into your business—and how much is going out. If you want to make smart choices and grow your business well into the future, you need to […]

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debt management strategies

A Time of Need: Some Easy Debt Management Strategies

Each year, Americans pay more than $100 billion in credit card interest and fees. That money does not touch the debt itself, so the interest and fees keep coming. Such high-interest indebtedness is very convenient. All you have to do is swipe the card. Over the long term, however, such payments simply are not sustainable. […]

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life insurance

How to Buy Life Insurance without a 2 Year Waiting Period

Out of convenience, most people prefer getting life insurance covers either through their phones or internet. These people do not want to go over long application process that takes weeks and sometimes months to complete. Unfortunately, most of those policies come with graded benefits until after 2 years when beneficiaries can get the entire face […]

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save money on school supplies

Ten Quick Ways to Save Money on School Supplies

Whether you’re buying for yourself or for your kids, it’s no secret that school supplies often end up costing a small fortune. It’s a necessary expense, but one that doesn’t need to be as expensive as you may thing. If you want to save money on the things you would normally buy, all you need […]

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the frugal toad (1)

Is Cryptocurrency Ready to Join the Global Economy?

In the past few days, followers of cryptocurrency (as an interesting subject and as an investment) have received notice from observers indicating the most recognizable name in the field is making a recovery. According to these reports, Bitcoin is back after hitting a long-term low in value. The reason for this rebound seems to be […]

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buy lease

Buy, Lease, or Subscribe: Which Auto Option is Best Suited to Your Needs?

  What’s your dream car? Mine is a 1988 Porsche 911. When you’re thinking about your new ride, you’re more than likely just imagining yourself behind the wheel. But how are you going to make it happen?   Do you see yourself in this car for as long as you can fathom, or is it […]

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fix your finances

4 Ways to Fix Your Finances

Regardless of the rhetoric that you often hear, for most people, the amount of money in the bank is not completely unrelated to happiness. While the relationship is not necessarily direct, and more money does not necessarily translate to more happiness, studies indeed suggest a correlation. According to the research, there appears to be an […]

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student loan debt

5 Strategies for Managing Student Loan Debt After Graduation

Graduating students who have taken out student loans are often in for a bit of a surprise soon after graduation. Reality starts to sink in once you receive your first student loan bill in the mail. The average amount of student loan debt is in the $33,000 range and 1 in 5 students graduate owing […]

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How to Reduce Your Household Electric Bill

Cutting Electricity Used in the Home Lowering the monthly utility bill is a goal for every homeowner unfortunately for many of us it is not always easy to know what steps to take to lower energy usage.  By following these suggestions you can make a smaller electric bill a reality. Plant Deciduous Trees for Shade […]

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buy stocks when you

How to Buy Stocks When You’re on a Budget

Purchasing and selling stocks can be a great way to grow your wealth and improve financial stability over time. However, if you’re on a budget, it can seem difficult to properly purchase stocks and know that you’re doing something positive for yourself. Understanding how to invest on a budget can help when it comes to […]

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