top investments

Top Investments Outside the Stock Market

You know you should be investing if you want to create wealth but you may feel intimidated by the stock market. Investing is not a simple process, and the market moves so fast that it’s nearly impossible for the average investor to keep up. Add to that all the research you have to do to […]

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new home necessities

New Home Necessities – What You’ll Need When Moving to a New City

Whether you are moving cities for a fresh start or your partner has a job offer too good to refuse, moving interstate can be a huge upheaval. This stress can be magnified if you have school aged children who need to be uprooted from the security of their friends, school and environment. Chances are, if […]

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hard money loan

How Does A Hard Money Loan Work?

  If you’re in the real estate market, you might have heard of something called hard money loans. Being successful in any market is all about having the right information and a solid understanding of industry terms. Learn how such loans work to see if they’re a good fit for your investment goals.   Understanding […]

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Turn These 5 Common Junk Items Into Cash

We all have junk lying around our homes. It has a way of accumulating over the years, and before we know it, it’s starting to take over our entire houses. When you finally find the time to go through it all, don’t simply throw it away. Chances are you could get some cash for your […]

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5 Keys to Being a Successful Entrepreneur

  Nothing give me more of a chuckle than the thought of people lining up for a Masters of Business Administration in Entrepreneurship.  Truth be told, the idea of the typical MBA program is in almost direct contradiction with entrepreneurship.  This is not to say that entrepreneurs shouldn’t get an MBA, rather it is to […]

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start your own freelance business

How to Start Your Own Freelance Business

If you are an aspiring entrepreneur, nothing should stop you from fulfilling your dream. The problem that you may be facing, just like many other people, is the dilemma of where to start. Well, why not start with a freelance business? This may sound like something that is hard to do but it simply means […]

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tax identity theft

Tax Identity Theft Awareness- Staying Safe This Tax Season

Tax Identity Theft is when someone uses your social security number to file a tax return in your name. The thief simply makes up income and other data and submits a fraudulent tax form to the IRS in an attempt to obtain a tax refund. During just the first nine months of 2016 the IRS […]

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start achieving your goals

4 Simple Steps to End Procrastination and Start Achieving Your Goals

Achieving your goals takes more than just hard work and persistence. Many people fail to achieve their goals because they procrastinate or don’t have a clear understanding of what actions need to be taken in order to be successful.  Here are 4 steps that can get you on track to achieving your goals. Write it […]

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smart living tips

Top 3 Smart Living Tips to Help You Save Money

Housing costs typically account for the single largest spending category and depending on your location, can easily exceed that percentage. A one-bedroom apartment in San Francisco can reach $3600 per month and a one-bedroom apartment will cost you $3400 in New York City. Regardless of where you are located, locating the right property in the […]

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low credit score

Repair Your Low Credit Score by Focusing on Key FICO Score Components

This article is sponsored by Lexington Law Firm   Banks and financial institutions use credit scores to make determinations regarding a consumer’s credit risk. Employers, landlords, and insurance companies use credit scores in building a picture of how responsible you are. The higher the credit risk the higher the interest rate you will be charged. […]

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blowing the budget

When Blowing the Budget Doesn’t Mean Wrecking Your Finances

This article is sponsored by Lexington Law Firm   Blowing the budget! Just saying those words can make me cringe. So just when is blowing the budget OK? Ultimately that is for you to decide but I say whenever you want to as long as you are prepared to give up something in return. A […]

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home based ecommerce

Why Home Based Ecommerce Businesses Choose Drop Shipping

Running a business from home is the dream of many individuals yet many never realize this dream because they aren’t sure how to get started. Many home based ecommerce businesses choose drop shipping for many reasons, chief among them is the ability to get started with limited funds. Below are several reasons drop shipping is […]

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Smartphone Theft

Smartphone Theft: How to Deter Thieves and Protect Your Data

  In a world where smartphones have become an integral part of our working and social lives, the threat of smartphone theft has been getting greater and greater. Over 400,000 people in the UK had their phone stolen in 2016. Theft of phones by moped riders has become a serious problem on the streets of London. Despite […]

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mistakes made by entrepreneurs

Top 4 Mistakes Made by Entrepreneurs

Starting a new business is a difficult task as evidence by the high failure rate, 50%-70% of newly formed small businesses fail within the first 18 months. Below are several of the more common mistakes made by entrepreneurs:   1. Not Understanding the Competition Many businesses fail simply because their competition was more successful in bringing […]

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