perfect 401k

The 5 Components of a Perfect 401k

For the average American, managing a 401k sounds like a painfully complicated problem that haunts you for a lifetime. That’s because in most cases, it is! Have no fear – with the correct guidance and knowledge, 401k management can be a piece of cake, even for a beginner. After all, it’s a retirement plan that […]

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Smoking Cigarettes is Hazardous to Your Financial Life

The New Year is a great time to look at making changes and many people include losing weight or quitting smoking as a goal.  It’s no secret that the cost of a pack of cigarettes has risen dramatically over the last several years but there are other costs of smoking that you may not have […]

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frugal tips for pet owners

Frugal Tips for Pet Owners

    If you are on a limited budget, but you still want to have a furry friend, it’s possible if you plan ahead and make smart choices. Owning a pet can be costly, but it’s entirely doable to be a frugal pet owner. It’s also important to be a responsible pet owner no matter […]

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how a Roth IRA can benefit you

Investing Basics: How a Roth IRA Can Benefit You

Planning for your retirement is not something you want to leave for the last minute. In reality, you should begin saving for retirement as early as possible. Many methods will help you plan for the golden years, some better than others. You’ve likely heard of an IRA account, but have you heard of a Roth […]

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how much life insurance

Getting It Right: How Much Life Insurance Do You Need?

  Life insurance is a great solution when it comes to securing a financial safety net for your loved ones. Deciding on how much life insurance you need can be a bit tricky. Before you decide on how much life insurance you need, it is best to first determine if you need life insurance, the […]

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How to Manage Your Small Business’s Finances

Your small business takes money seriously. Having your financial affairs at the front of your mind as a business owner means you always know how much cash is coming into your business—and how much is going out. If you want to make smart choices and grow your business well into the future, you need to […]

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debt management plan

Debt Management Plan or Debt Relief Order?

  People often find it really hard to face up to their debt problems because they believe that there’s no real way out of them. Many people worry that bankruptcy is the only answer to serious debt issues, but there are other solutions that aren’t so drastic. Two popular options for resolving serious debt issues […]

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online shopping

5 Easy Ways Free Online Tools Can Help Stretch Budgets

Free online tools can be a time saving solution to search for the best deals on recurring household bills all under one site. Comparison websites such as allow consumers to view cost-saving rates for cell phone, cable and internet services, and the best interest rates for home mortgages, personal loans, auto loans, credit cards, […]

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debt management strategies

A Time of Need: Some Easy Debt Management Strategies

Each year, Americans pay more than $100 billion in credit card interest and fees. That money does not touch the debt itself, so the interest and fees keep coming. Such high-interest indebtedness is very convenient. All you have to do is swipe the card. Over the long term, however, such payments simply are not sustainable. […]

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life insurance

How to Buy Life Insurance without a 2 Year Waiting Period

Out of convenience, most people prefer getting life insurance covers either through their phones or internet. These people do not want to go over long application process that takes weeks and sometimes months to complete. Unfortunately, most of those policies come with graded benefits until after 2 years when beneficiaries can get the entire face […]

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London Letters

London Letters – Not Your Typical Travel Guide

London Letters is an interactive travel guide that features twenty-six eye dazzling pull-out maps of popular London neighborhoods created by illustrator Lucy Stephens. It is definetly not your typical A-Z travel guide and takes travelers on an artistic journey to discover London’s hidden gems. The first thing I noticed was the compact size which is […]

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saving vs investing

Saving vs Investing – Which is More Important?

  We all want to get our money working for us. Whether it be purchasing a home, investing in the stock market, or starting a business. The thought of our money simply sitting in a savings account seems to gnaw at most of us. Maybe it’s because people are becoming more accepting of the fact […]

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save money on school supplies

Ten Quick Ways to Save Money on School Supplies

Whether you’re buying for yourself or for your kids, it’s no secret that school supplies often end up costing a small fortune. It’s a necessary expense, but one that doesn’t need to be as expensive as you may thing. If you want to save money on the things you would normally buy, all you need […]

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Spending Too Much

Spending Too Much? Try This Simple Budgeting Strategy Now

The first step in solving any problem is admitting you have a problem. Overspending is no different and the sooner you face the fact that you are spending too much, the sooner you will be on your way to getting your spending under control.   Step 1 – Own Your Spending Being able to see […]

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balanced life

3 Steps to a More Balanced Life

Having and maintaining a balanced life are important. In a previous article about 8 ways to overcome the fear of success, maintaining a balanced life is an essential part of achieving the success you have always wanted. It helps you get to the level you want to be without sacrificing other parts of your life. […]

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door with key

Want A New Home? 5 Smart Ways to Save Money on Your Mortgage

Buying a new home is a monumental decision for any person, and it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by this huge financial burden. While the prospect of home ownership is enticing to many people, failing to prepare for mortgage payments will lead to more harm than good. That’s why it’s important to know some techniques on […]

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jobs you can land with an associate degree

Top 11 Jobs You Can Land with an Associate Degree

With the average cost of a four year degree costing upwards of $38,000, more students are looking into careers that require an associate degree. Not all programs will prepare candidates for the necessary certification and licensing requirements so carefully researching whether the program is accredited is essential. Here is a list of the top 11 […]

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save money on auto insurance

Learn How to Save Money on Auto Insurance

The cost of auto insurance is very high. Insurers have increased their premiums in order to protect their valuables and, still, many of them do not make a profit. These premiums can vary by hundreds of dollars. Motor insurance continues to remain the biggest and most expensive nuisance. The good news is that, with the […]

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saving money for your dream trip

The Ultimate Guide to Saving Money for Your Dream Trip

Everyone has a trip on their bucket list that they have been dreaming to have since they were little. However, back then you had no idea that money is a big inconvenience that can stop you from fulfilling your wish, you were just thinking about how amazing it is going to be when you reach […]

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hr tips for small to medium sized businesses

HR Tips for Small to Medium Sized Businesses

    For small to medium businesses struggling to remain competitive and keep their cashflow healthy, HR often becomes an afterthought, or something you only address when an issue has already arisen. Not only can this cause ill-will in the workplace and affect productivity, in the worst-case scenario it can land employers in serious legal […]

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